Freeride / Backcountryskiing


The area around Disentis is a perfect playground to fly with the paraglider. We do offer Tandemflights from different spots in the Surselva valley! Just call us to find out more and do a flight.

1 regular flight Fr. 180.- (exkl. transport Taxi/Gondola)

1 Thermik flight (from approx. 20 minutes) Fr. 250.- (exkl. transport Taxi/Gondola)

1 full day paragliding with 1 person and several tandem flights including training and instruction. Fr. 600. - (exkl. transport Taxi/Gondola)

Ervin Jacomet SHV instructor & Tandempilot 078 649 67 32

Otti Flepp SHV Tandempilot 079 631 02 75